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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Scott Charland on Networking, Negotiating Pay, and Being Successful at Any Level of S&C [Video]

Remote Working Psychology


Here are some questions every trainer and coach should be asking themselves:

Well if you’ve ever pondered any of these questions before, you’re going to love today’s interview with Scott Charland!

Scott currently serves as the Manager of Human Performance for Parkview Sports Medicine in Fort Wayne, IN.  In this role, he oversees 21 strength and conditioning coaches from the High School, Collegiate, and private sector.

And prior to his current position, Charland was a collegiate strength and conditioning coach for 20 years where he led the Olympic Strength and Conditioning departments at Saint Louis University, Temple University and Butler University.

In this episode, we dive in and get real about what life in strength and conditioning is like.

Whether it’s determining what level you want to coach at, how to get paid what you’re worth, or simply to find better balance between work and play, I know everyone listening …

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