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Extreme Drought in Philippines Reveals Centuries-Old Town [Video]

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A centuries-old town emerged in the Philippines recently when a long drought dried up a dam.

Southeast Asia has been experiencing deadly extreme heat, causing school closures, work-from-home orders and withered crops.

The ruins of the town of Pantabangan in Nueva Ecija province have given local residents in the rice-growing region another income source from tourists coming to see the historic sight.

“When I heard about the sunken church of old Pantabangan town resurfacing, I got excited and wanted to see it,” said Aurea Delos Santos, a retired nurse in her early 60s, as Reuters reported.

Taking tourists to and from the island has boosted some locals’ earnings significantly.

“Back then, I was only earning 200 pesos ($3.50) from fishing, but when the tourists arrived, I’m earning 1,500 to 1,800 per day,” said Nelson Dellera, a local fisherman, as reported by Reuters.

The dam — constructed after the town was relocated during the 1970s to make way …

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