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Employees Are Avoiding the Office Because of Their Bosses: Survey [Video]

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Employees are pushing back on companies’ demands to return to the office, and some insist on working remotely because they’re trying to avoid their bosses, a new survey found. 

Beyond, a flexible workspace and co-working brand, shared an exclusive survey with Business Insider of 1,262 full-time and part-time employees in the UK surveyed between October 13-18 last year to find out what is hindering them from coming to the office. 

Participants in the online survey were presented with a series of statements by pollster Opinium, and asked whether they agreed or disagreed. These included statements like “My manager/boss being in the office puts me off from commuting in more regularly.”

According to Beyond, 30% of workers agreed and said they’d actually go into the office more often if their bosses weren’t there. 

Two-thirds cited the rising cost of living in the UK, agreeing that increased costs have them want to …

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