How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
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We Tried 10 Temu Travel Products [Video]

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We Tried 10 Temu Travel Products

Are Temu travel products worth buying? We got 10 pieces of gear delivered to our studio to find out. View more travel gear reviews on our website 👉

0:00 – Intro
0:18 – ZSYC Small Sling Lightweight Crossbody Bag:
2:30 – YASUN Waterproof Outdoor Backpack:
4:34 – msna Travel Packing Cubes:
6:19 – SHUNA Digital Storage Bag:
7:48 – AllGlory Luggage Wheels Protector Cover:
9:42 – EXCELLENT QUALITY Leak-Proof Squeeze Bottles:
11:51 – Fashion grocery Story Instant Zipper Repair Tool Kit:
14:36 – Cozinha Travel Cosmetic Bag:
16:47 – YELLA LOVERS Men’s Wash Bag:
18:45 – Home Smile Elastic Buckle Belt Luggage Strap:

It can get expensive to buy packing cubes, toiletry bags, a packable backpack, and a sling before your next trip. But while you’ll save lots of money shopping on discount sites like Temu, we wondered how much quality takes a hit. We got our hands on travel products from the dropship site to see if it’s worth exploring, or if you’re better off saving your pennies for a high-quality version.

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View more travel gear reviews on our website:

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