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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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The Anxious Generation with social psychologist Jonathan Haidt | A Bit of Optimism Podcast [Video]

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The Anxious Generation with social psychologist Jonathan Haidt | A Bit of Optimism Podcast

Anxiety disorders affect Gen Z at astronomically higher rates than previous generations. There’s plenty to be anxious about in the modern world. But the reason behind Gen Z’s mental health crisis might be simpler than you’d think.

According to social psychologist and NYU professor Jonathan Haidt, the answer lies in growing up with a combination of smartphones and social media. In his new book The Anxious Generation, he argues that Gen Z’s anxiety is a symptom of being the first generation to go through puberty on Instagram and TikTok, with iPhones available to access them constantly.

Thankfully, Jonathan believes the problem is solvable. He shares some advice he has for concerned parents and tells me how we can fix the mental health crisis affecting our kids in just a few years’ time.

This…is A Bit of Optimism.

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⏰ Timestamps:
0:00 The Impact of Social Media on Moral Discourse
1:22 Expressing vs. Convincing
2:18 The Role of Social Media in Polarization
3:47 Youth, Social Media, and Mental Health
4:59 Solutions for Youth and Democracy
7:19 Personal Anecdotes and Observations
11:36 The Anxious Generation and the Future of Democracy
17:12 Millennials vs. Gen Z: Social and Psychological Differences
22:10 The Paradox of Democracy and Technology
25:14 The Power of Collective Action
31:42 Restoring Humanity: From Childhood to Congress
39:22 Hope for Change and Personal Reflections

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