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The 8 Year Rut: Why Staying Too Long at a Company Makes it Harder to Land Job Offers [Video]

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The 8 Year Rut: Why Staying Too Long at a Company Makes it Harder to Land Job Offers

The 8 Year Rut: Why Staying Too Long at a Company Makes it Harder to Land Job Offers
// Staying at the same company for an extended period of time can lead to something known as the “8 Year Rut.” This is a common occurrence where career growth stagnates, job opportunities decline, and compensation increases become scarce. And in this video we share some valuable insights for how to navigate this challenging phase of your career.

In this video, you’ll discover the best ways to find a new job and overcome the challenges of feeling stuck in your career. We share some expert tips on how to articulate your value to potential employers, showcase how adaptable you are, and how to leverage your network to attract new job opportunities. At the end, we also reveal the ideal length of tenure at a company to optimize your career growth and earning potential (you don’t want to miss this!)

So if you’re searching for a new job or feeling stuck at work, this video is a must watch. See the full video to learn how to break free from career stagnation and position yourself for success in your job search!

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