5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Easily Translate Your Films to ANY Language Using AI [Video]

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Easily Translate Your Films to ANY Language Using AI

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Time Code

00:00 Intro
00:55 HeyGen’s Newest Udate
03:42 Stable Audio 2.0
07:19 Game of the Week
08:37 Pixverse Character Consistency
10:31 Krea’s Realtime Generator on your Camera
12:12 AI Costume Design
12:54 Hume AI
15:29 FreePik
16:55 New Podcast Episode
17:19 Zero One Cine Podcast
17:39 Good Luck Curious Refuge Students
17:53 Brooklyn Meet Up
17:59 San Francisco Meet Up
18:07 AI Mega Party
18:38 Amsterdam AI Film Festival
18:58 Grok 1.5
20:00 Apple’s ReALM
20:51 Dall-E Inpainting
21:14 OpenAI’s AI Voice Generator
22:35 Midjourney Version 7
23:14 Mootion Hand Gestures
24:28 New Tutorial
24:46 AI Films of the Week
24:50 Denny The Shark
25:10 Film Bros
25:40 Better Legal AI Ad
26:11 Outro

Helpful Links:
Heygen: https://www.heygen.com/
Stable Audio 2.0: https://stability.ai/news/stable-audio-2-0
Pixverse: https://pixverse.ai/
Krea.AI: https://www.krea.ai
Garment 3D Gen: https://twitter.com/dreamingtulpa/status/1775436342148714988
Hume AI: https://www.hume.ai/
FreePik: https://www.freepik.com/
Curious Refuge Podcast: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZGYQp8mtyP8
Zero One Cine Podcast: https://twitter.com/zero1cine/status/1774146272158499016
AI Filmmaking: https://curiousrefuge.com/ai-filmmaking
AI Advertising: https://curiousrefuge.com/ai-advertising
AI Events: https://curiousrefuge.com/ai-film-events
AI Mega Party: https://curiousrefuge.com/ai-filmmaking-party
Amsterdam AI Film Festival: https://aifilmfest.io/
Apple’s ReALM: https://twitter.com/TheRundownAI/status/1775149969328013721
Dall-E Inpainting: https://x.com/OpenAI/status/1775569161759985737
OpenAI’s Voice Generator: https://x.com/OpenAI/status/1773760852153299024
Midjourney News: https://the-decoder.com/midjourney-gets-personalized-models-v7-before-summer-video-by-end-of-year/
Mootion: https://twitter.com/Mootion_AI/status/1775068541286507000

AI Films of the Week

Denny the Shark: https://curiousrefuge.com/ai-film-gallery/denny-the-shark
Film Bros: https://curiousrefuge.com/ai-film-gallery/film-bros-ai
Better Legal: https://curiousrefuge.com/ai-film-gallery/better-legal

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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience
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