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3 Steps to Building a Targeted Audience

The countries with the most and least expensive work visas [Video]

Digital Nomads

Working abroad can be an enriching experience with diverse opportunities to grow and learn. But first, expats must apply for a work visa, and some countries charge much more than others for the privilege.

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Three Latin American nations, Australia, and the US top the list of those with the most expensive work visas, according to a new report by international insurance provider William Russell. Colombia recently launched a digital nomad visa that has made it an attractive place to work. Though living expenses are relatively low for many expats, Colombia charges the most for a work visa—$297 on average—of any country on the list. However, a Colombian M-5 work visa is good for up to three years.

Mexico and Chile also have higher work visa fees, at $246 and $153 on average, respectively. The Mexican work visa is a temporary resident permit that lasts up to four years. Chile offers several types, including …

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