How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
How Desire Paths can Transform your Digital Marketing
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The Bears are Bailing | What the Last One JUST Said. [Video]

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The Bears are Bailing | What the Last One JUST Said.

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– 📉 People above 40 years old who have experienced past economic crises tend to be more bearish due to their negative memories of those times.
– 📉 The inverted yield curve and historical economic pain contribute to the bearish argument against the current market conditions.
– 📈 Morgan Stanley’s biggest bear, Mike Wilson, predicts a painful earnings recession in 2023 followed by a rapid recovery in 2024.
– 📉 Wilson believes that some companies investing in AI will have worse earnings, which supports the bearish narrative.
– 📈 Morgan Stanley argues that earnings quality and the impact of interest rates on growth have not been fully considered by investors.
– 📉 Morgan Stanley suggests that the earnings recession will continue and reverse at a historically rapid pace, which may surprise many.
– 📈 Morgan Stanley is bullish on the earnings outlook for 2024, despite the bearish stance for the short term.
– 📉 The speaker criticizes Morgan Stanley’s bear argument, finding it weak and contradictory in terms of AI investments and future earnings.
– 📉 The speaker questions the bearish argument of reduced capex spending leading to a second wave of inflation and declining productivity.
– 📈 The speaker expresses concerns about the overvaluation of tech and chip stocks and suggests consumer staples may be on a downtrend.
– 📈 The speaker believes that interest expenses may not significantly affect large companies driving innovation and productivity.
– 📈 There is a discussion about the impact of interest expenses on different industries and the potential for continued investment.

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