How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
How to Reach your Market in a World Ruled by Generative AI
5 Steps to Creating Successful Ads

The AI Bubble is OVER | Crash Warning [Video]

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The AI Bubble is OVER | Crash Warning

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In this eye-opening video, join us as we dive deep into the current state of software artificial intelligence (AI) companies and why they’re facing unexpected challenges. Discover the underlying reasons behind the disappointment in the AI industry and the hurdles these companies must overcome.

Explore the origins of the AI revolution, tracing it back to Nvidia’s pivotal role in driving AI innovation, especially following the emergence of GPT. Witness the proliferation of AI-driven services like MidJourney and their impact on the demand for GPUs to power data processing and content creation.

Delve into the hype that led legacy companies like Snowflake, DocuSign, CrowdStrike, and Cloudflare to jump on the AI bandwagon, hoping to transition into fantastic AI companies. Uncover the realities behind their struggles and the concerns raised during earnings calls, hinting at their uncertainty about turning AI enthusiasm into substantial profits.

As we dissect the situation, we also explore the growing debate surrounding the profitability of AI businesses. Does the future of AI revenue belong to the healthcare sector, or will other industries emerge as dominant players? We examine the evolving landscape of AI profitability.

Get insights into the impact of AI on server providers like Oracle, AWS, and Microsoft, and the potential opportunities in advertising, data centers, and more. Discover why investing in chip manufacturers like Intel may be a more reliable option amidst the AI industry’s uncertainty.

Gain a deeper understanding of‘s recent struggles, its financial situation, and why some investors remain skeptical about the company. Uncover the challenges faced by, including its heavy reliance on a single client, Baker Hughes.

Join us as we separate AI hype from reality and navigate the complex world of software AI companies. Subscribe, like, and share to stay informed with Kevin, the financial analyst and YouTuber at Meet Kevin!

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