Telework 101 with Sandy Collier [Video]

Telework 101 with Sandy Collier

Telework 101 – how to start as a teleworker and setup a productive environment?
We invited Sandy Collier, a Florida based teleworker, to tell us how teleworking can be leveraged to stay productive while working from home.

Sandy Collier is the mother of 6 and grandmother to 7. Sandy worked in the news business as a radio reporter and assignment manager for 25 years before she started her own PR Company, Hey, Sandy! PR and Communications.

Hosted by Yoann, founder, International Business Consulting –
Yoann is a 34y.o. French native, online publisher. After years of working as an international web development coordinator and international project manager for industry leaders, he runs a self developed network of websites to help others take their businesses internationally.

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