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Remote Workplace Accommodation Secrets – Introduction [Video]

This video is an introduction to a series of Remote Workplace Accommodation Secrets in 2.5 minutes!This video provides important information you need to know about remote work, telework, and other flexible work options as an accommodation for your medical condition or disability. The video will help you to start understanding and preparing to request these types of accommodations from your employer.Please visit the companion article to this video on my website at: video is the first of many videos to come on essential tips and insights about ADA Workplace Accommodations Secrets that will provide both the individual with the disability or medical condition and the employers need to know about Title 1 of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that will help both parties have a more positive and successful outcome Help support this channel and the supporting website at no cost to you., by using the sponsored links for the book and items in the video.Book:Making It Work: Managing Your Health Condition Through ADA Workplace Accommodations: Helpful Products:GABRYLLY Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair: 48 x 24 Inches Standing Desk with Drawer: Laptop Stand for Desk: Support Pillow: SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine: Foot Rest for Under Desk at Work: Ellis is an independent consultant of Augmented HR Solutions LLC and the author of “Making It Working: Managing Your Health Condition Through ADA Workplace Accommodations”. Because of managing her own health conditions and working in human resources, Sheryl is uniquely qualified as an ADA expert. Sheryl has over 25+ years as an HR Professional and specializes in ADA Compliance, training, and mediation. She helps individuals with a range of medical conditions and disabilities learn how to request the type of workplace accommodations they need from their employer that help them perform their job functions, access their workplace, and engage in the benefits and privileges of employment.


DISCOVER the NEW VISA for TELEWORKING 🖥️ in SPAIN: Digital Nomad Visa [Video]

➡️​ The Spanish government finally announced on 3rd November 2022 that the draft of the Startup Law containing the requirements and regulations regarding the digital nomad visa has been approved and is expected to come into force on 1st January 2023.Get in touch with us today for more information: Tel. +34 965 480 737 · Email: [email protected] WEB:🔺 The digital nomad visa is the most anticipated type of visa of the year, as it will allow citizens of other countries to work from home in Spain and reside legally while working for overseas companies.Get in touch with us today for more information: Tel. +34 965 480 737 · Email: [email protected] WEB: #lawyeronline #lawyers #lawyerstv #lawyerSpain #DigitalNomad #Visa #VisaSpain #nomad #nomadadigital #DigitalNomadVisa