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5 Ways to Make Push Marketing Work for You
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Standout Job Search Review – How Gail Doubled Her Salary [Video]

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Standout Job Search Review – How Gail Doubled Her Salary

Before joining Madeline Mann’s Standout Job Search coaching program, Gail found herself stuck in a toxic work environment, enduring daily bullying from her boss. After nine years in the same accounting role, her confidence had hit rock bottom, and she struggled with feelings of depression and inadequacy. Desperate to escape her situation, Gail yearned for a career change but feared that her age and perceived lack of skills would hold her back.

Through Madeline Mann’s coaching program, Gail experienced a profound shift in her mindset and approach to job searching. The supportive and collaborative environment of her cohort proved invaluable, as she found herself surrounded by an elite group of individuals from diverse backgrounds, each contributing their unique skills and insights. The offline conversations and genuine camaraderie among the participants created a powerful network of support and encouragement.

One of the most significant impacts of the program for Gail was the boost in her confidence during interviews. By diligently working on her resume, crafting a compelling one-page privilege statement, and honing her interviewing skills, Gail learned to approach interviews with a newfound sense of self-assurance. She began to view the process as a two-way street, evaluating potential employers as much as they were evaluating her. This shift in perspective allowed Gail to steer herself towards the right positions and avoid toxic work environments.

The results of Gail’s dedication and the program’s guidance were nothing short of extraordinary. She secured a new job with an astonishing 133% salary increase, along with improved benefits and a generous retirement contribution plan. Beyond the financial rewards, Gail found herself working with bright, inspiring colleagues in a stimulating and supportive environment.

Gail attributes much of her success to the groundwork she laid before even applying for jobs. By optimizing her LinkedIn profile, connecting with a vast network of professionals, conducting informational interviews, and revamping her resume, she positioned herself as a sought-after candidate. At the height of her job search, Gail was receiving an impressive five contacts per week from recruiters, a testament to the effectiveness of her efforts and the strategies learned in the program.

For anyone on the fence about joining Madeline Mann’s coaching program, Gail offers a resounding endorsement. She firmly believes that the program can benefit individuals from all fields, ages, and backgrounds, citing the diverse and fantastic group she had the privilege of working with.

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