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How Much Traffic do you Really Need?
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Standout Job Search Review – How Annie Changed Careers with a Higher Salary [Video]

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Standout Job Search Review – How Annie Changed Careers with a Higher Salary

Before joining Madeline Mann’s Standout Job Search coaching program, Annie found herself at a crossroads. Despite loving her job as a Director of Book Development, she grew disillusioned with the direction of her industry and felt the need for a strategic change. Faced with the daunting task of transferring her skills to a new field, Annie sought guidance and support to navigate this challenging transition.

Through Madeline Mann’s coaching program, Annie experienced a profound boost in confidence and the ability to articulate her value. The program equipped her with the tools and strategies to effectively communicate her transferable skills, enabling her to bridge the gap between her publishing background and her desired role in learning and development.

When deciding to invest in the program, Annie recognized the value of structure, accountability, and the opportunity to fill her knowledge gaps. Despite the financial commitment, she knew that Madeline Mann’s coaching was the right choice for her, and she eagerly embraced the opportunity to learn and grow.

Three key impacts stood out for Annie during her journey in the program. First, she gained clarity and direction in her career transition, eventually landing on learning and development as her desired path. Second, she mastered the art of meaningful networking on LinkedIn, learning how to connect with strangers and turn those interactions into valuable professional relationships. Third, Annie honed her ability to articulate her value and re-narrate her story, showcasing her skills and experiences in a compelling way.

Annie’s participation in the LinkedIn VIP session further enhanced her success. By the end of the program, she found herself receiving direct outreach from companies seeking learning and development professionals, a testament to the effectiveness of her newfound skills and strategies.

The results of Annie’s dedication and the program’s guidance were nothing short of extraordinary. She successfully transitioned into a new industry, secured a job with a higher salary, and landed in a company with exceptional benefits and a location she desired. Most importantly, Annie found herself thriving in a role she was genuinely excited about, surrounded by a supportive and inspiring team.

For anyone on the fence about joining Madeline Mann’s coaching program, Annie offers a resounding endorsement. The investment, she emphasizes, is well worth it, as her salary increase alone covered the program’s cost. She highlights the abundance of resources and personalized support available, including Madeline’s guidance during the nerve-wracking negotiation process.

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