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Digital Nomads in Thailand: Know What You’re Getting Into [Video]

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Remote Working Psychology

Communication Challenges of Remote Work & How to Address Them – Remote Work Best Practices Part 5 [Video]

Remote working presents many challenges when it comes to communication. discuss the importance of proximal vs distal forms of communication, and how to strike the right balance.And we also talk about the importance of acculturation and the balance of negative and positive interactions.0:00 Communication challenges of remote work0:28 The differences between the office and remote work0:48 The proximal-distal challenge of communication1:06 Different types of communication and how proximal they are3:24 How to use proximal communication as a remote leader4:30 The nature and speed of acculturation5:05 The effect of regular informal contact6:16 The ratio of positive vs negative interactions7:36 Emotional contagion in remote work8:11 The importance of social events# Read the transcript on our blog: Watch the next video in this series:Part 6 – Key Skills for Effective Remote Work & Induction Programs Watch the previous video in this series:Part 4 – Who is Suited to Remote Work?[#Watch the entire series:Playlist – Remote Leadership & Remote Work Best Practices To learn more about SACS and our organisational psychology services:1) View a list of our upcoming workshops and presentations to help you optimise your workforce: Explore our range of psychometric testing services: Send through any questions you have about organisational psychology and your business: Subscribe to our channel for more videos on organisational psychology: for watching our video:[ with SACS Consulting********************************Website: – Marty, Managing Director – your thoughts********************************We’d love for you to share your thoughts in the comments below. Note: Any comments that don’t add to the discussion will be removed.


M1 Max & Windows Pc: Dual Productivity Setup! [Video]

What’s going on everyone! I hope you enjoyed the video definitely had a lot of fun making this and testing out the new M1 Max MacBook Pro. Be sure to Like and Subscribe I have so much more content coming out about this beast of a machine. Like/Comment/Share I DO NOT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC AGST – Recess Power


Eureka-Arcata Corridor Comprehensive Adaptation and Implementation Plan – October 27, 2021 workshop [Video]

Caltrans District 1 is working to address Sea Level Rise in Eureka and Arcata, and we want to create solutions that benefit all of our communities. District 1 officials held a virtual community workshop on October 27, 2021 to share our research, answer questions and hear feedback about this community-driven plan. More than 100 people registered for the workshop, and Caltrans staff responded to every comment and question from numerous engaged participants. “We received positive comments from workshop attendees about the progress we have made on the Comprehensive Adaptation and Implementation Plan,” said Caltrans District 1 Climate Change Adaptation Branch Chief Clancy De Smet. “We plan on holding another in the spring of 2022 and look forward to another engaging workshop.”

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WORK LIFE Balance from a WORK FROM HOME MOM | TIME MANAGMENT TIPS for When You Can’t Get it All Done [Video]

Let’s go through my top 3 tips for work/life balance. It is so easy to get so wrapped up in the business that we completely forget what is really important to us. Part of having work life balance is being able to know when you need to let the ball drop somewhere because we can’t always do all the things, all the time. The question then becomes, what do I let drop for the time being. That is when you really have to determine what your priorities are in life.I am talking about the 3 tips I use to determine how to prioritize my time. I hope that they either help you realize how to prioritize things, or at least help normalize that it is COMPLETELY NORMAL to not be able to do it all, all the time!Thanks for watching! See you next time!For more Small Town Envy content, stay tuned for new weekly videos covering motherhood, health, home, and the ins and outs of my beautiful chaotic life. You can also find more from me at Follow me on Instagram:

Digital Nomads

Editing in After Effects on the new 16 Macbook Pro M1 MAX | Fully spec’d out! [Video]

Just put this new macbook pro with M1 Max chip fully spec’d out through some tests in After Effects!MY CAMERA GEAR:8K Camera Around Everyday Lens Angle/ Vlog Lens Lens Lens Best Travel Tripod camera bag SD- Card Holder Headphones Youtube Light Vlogging Kit Small LED Light Camera Monitor to shoot video in 10 bit! Affordable SSD Drive 360 camera period! favorite GoPro camera case! FREE MONTHS OF MUSIC Intro00:38 Disclaimer01:45 Editing Canon R5 8K 01:28 Real Life AE Test04:25 Any Issues?05:45 Final Thoughts

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Leading Millennials and Starter Career Advice [Video]

Much of our professional workplaces are made up of the younger Millennial and Zoomer generations – as they enter the workforce it’s important to keep their perspectives and perceptions in mind, as well as understand how they may view older generations.Many younger professionals are having to make decisions their parents and grandparents didn’t have to make – or weren’t enabled to make – regarding education and career paths. Just because their paths to starting their careers look different, it doesn’t mean they aren’t dedicated and hardworking. In fact, it may be the opposite. Any young professional getting started in the workforce can learn a lot from seeking employment in unexpected places.Tips for Managing Millennials:-make teamwork a part of your culture-take advantage of their electronic comfort and possible literacy-focus on results-embrace diversity and flexibility——————————- |communicate |relate |innovate |create |connect ——————————- #leadership #management #business #millennials #zoomers #awareness #culture #customerservice #careermusic credit: StreamBeats —

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*MARK This PEAK FEAR Date* In Omicron Surge [Video]

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Work from Home Lunch

# short # Lunch box recipe for kids # tiffin box ideas kids # Preparation of lunch box for kids # [Video]

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Remote Work Tools and Software Review | The Significance of Remote Work Explained [Video]

Dharmendra talks about the impact of remote work on his life and how it helped him unlock his true potential. He also gives a pro tip to all those who are preparing for Turing’s data science tech stack. Watch more to know how Turing is helping him grow as a machine learning engineer.Become a Turing software developer today: more remote US software jobs: software developers of Silicon Valley caliber: more reviews: stay informed about the latest updates at Turing, follow us on:Instagram: #TuringJobs #DataScientist #SoftwareDeveloper #RemoteJobs #TuringDeveloper #TuringReview #TuringStory #DeveloperStories #SoftwareJobsAbout connects exceptionally talented software developers to remote engineering jobs at Silicon Valley and US-based companies. 200+ customers including numerous Fortune 500 companies as well as early-stage and unicorn startups backed by Silicon Valley investors have successfully hired Turing developers.- For over 1M software developers across 150+ countries, is the preferred platform for finding remote US software engineering jobs.- Turing offers a wide range of long-term, full-time remote jobs for Full Stack, Front-End, Back-End, Mobile, DevOps, and AI/ML developers.- Turing remote developers enjoy higher pay than local standards in most countries, a healthy work-life balance, a strong sense of community, and rapid career growth.Turing is backed by well-known investors like WestBridge Capital, Foundation Capital, Facebook’s first CTO (Adam D’Angelo), executives from Google, Facebook, Amazon, Twitter, and Founders Fund (investors in Facebook, Tesla, Asana, etc.), among others. The company is led by serial AI entrepreneurs Jonathan Siddharth and Vijay Krishnan, whose previous firm leveraged remote talent and was successfully acquired.The company was founded in 2018 and is headquartered in Palo Alto, California.

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The Security of Remote Work [Video]

CSE 484 Final Project by Dmitriy Nikitinskyy, Jack Nussbaum, and Shubham Purohit discussing the security behind moving employees to remote work as a result of the pandemic.Resources: