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5 Steps to Building an Audience with #Hashtags
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I bought a house to live-in-flip [Video]

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I bought a house to live-in-flip

On this episode of Mission Side Hustle, we finally do it, we finally buy a house to try a live-in-flip. Well, technically not quite a flip, but still means to springboard into more real estate investing. On this video I’ll break down the financials of buying this house, my strategy for the live-in-flip / BRRRR variation, and of course some loose future plans of how we’d like to remodel the flip!

As I’ve said for years at this point, house hacking is my preferred strategy, but at this stage of my life, a live-in-flip was the next best option. I hope this video sheds some light on my strategy moving forward and how this will help get us closer to that million-dollar goal!

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