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How to Market to Expensive Keywords
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How Do I Make the Case for My First Raise? | S1E6 | New Here [Video]

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How Do I Make the Case for My First Raise? | S1E6 | New Here

Asking for your first raise is a big moment in your career. But how do you know when to ask or how to start the conversation?

Getting a raise isn’t just a conversation about money. It’s a process, and you need a strategy. Author and personal finance expert Anne-Lyse Ngatta, also known as Anne-Lyse Wealth on her podcast, and Gorick Ng, an author and career advisor, walk host Elainy Mata through that process.

They break down how to lay the groundwork and do your research, when and how to start the conversation with your manager, and how to navigate the negotiation that may follow.
They also share their own experiences advocating for higher pay early in their careers, and they explain why your timing and your tone are so important to get right. Plus, they take listener questions about asking for a raise.

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Key topics include: compensation and benefits, difficult conversations, managing up, negotiation skills, negotiation strategies, careers.

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00:00 – Intro
2:23 – Interview with Gorick and Anne-Lyse
29:00 – Takeaways/Outro

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