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Baby clothier apologizes for firing woman who wanted to remain by her premature baby’s side after his hospitalization [Video]

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A Texas woman working for a baby clothing company was reportedly denied a work-from-home option that would have enabled her to both keep her job and care for her newly adopted, 1-pound premature baby.

Facing significant backlash over Marissa Hughes’ alleged firing — off-brand for a company that caters to children and oftenblogs about ways to relieve parental stress — Ying Liu, the founder and CEO of Kyte Baby, has offered two separate apologies on TikTok and invited Hughes back.

According to aGoFundMe fundraiser for the baby’s medical expenses, Marissa and Rawley Hughes of Dallas have faced incredible difficulties having children. In addition to losing three babies, Marissa Hughes has undergone nearly three years of extensive fertility treatments with no success.

The couple was nevertheless undeterred in their commitment to growing their family and raising children.

“We were also blessed to have been foster parents,” wrote Marisa Hughes. “Now we feel the Lord truly …

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