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7 Small Business Ideas To Try in 2023 [Video]

7 Small Business Ideas To Try in 2023

7 Small Business Ideas To Try in 2023
When starting a new business, it is important to research your options and consider all aspects of the idea.
The recent business fluctuations have led to a number of surprising innovations.
Here are 7 upcoming business ideas to start a successful, low-budget enterprise.

1. Cleaning service
House cleaning services are not the only option, there are also some other cleaning businesses you can easily get into – vehicle cleaning, carpet cleaning, and graffiti cleaning. The average U.S. residential cleaning business can make $36K to $100K per year.

2. Freelance Writing
With just a computer and Internet connection, you can become an entrepreneur in the field of freelance writing. There is no journalist degree requirement for this business idea. According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual freelance writer salary in the United States is $63,213 per year, and the average hourly rate is $30 per hour.
3. Pet Grooming
If you’re looking for a flexible side hustle, consider becoming an “animal care professional.” You’ll visit the homes of pet owners and provide them with personal services like grooming their animals or walking tags – all in exchange for payment! A pet groomer’s salary in the US ranges between $35,460 and $73,293, with an average salary of $45,020.

4. Food Delivery Service
You can start a home-delivery food business by preparing high-quality, tasty meals in your own kitchen and then delivering them to customers who live nearby. Depending on the laws in place for this type of service provider within each city you’ll need permit requirements as well as courier insurance coverage before launching with great results! $29,845 is the average yearly salary of a food delivery driver in the US.

5. Property Management
Property managers are in high demand these days and there is a good reason why. Property owners want someone they can trust, who will do all the work for them while also being professional enough to take care of their properties across town!

6. Virtual Assistant Service
Many small business owners need some helping hands to keep their businesses going. You can help them by managing appointments, sending emails, or making calls – and all of that without being physically present.

7. Video Editor
With YouTube as the second largest search engine, it is clear that video consumption has skyrocketed. As videos become more popular and creative with slide templates in order to reach an audience- there are tons of people out there looking for someone like you!

Starting a business is tough, but the rewards are worth it. If you’re looking for some new ideas on how to start your own company and make it successful, try any of these 7 small business ideas.

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Home Business Ideas [Video]

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